Daughters of Divine Love Charity Home

Daughters of Divine Love Charity Home is run and owned by the Daughters of Divine Love sisters since 1992, and these sisters have taken on the charge of caring for orphans, abandoned children, street children, children living with disabilities, and children with parents that are experiencing difficult situations and are unable to care for them. The sisters also provide assistance to pregnant teen mothers and scholarships to bright, poor teenagers in the community to attend school. The home is located in the Enugu State of Nigeria and currently serves 45 youth of all ages. Most of the youth attend elementary or high school. Unfortunately, the home’s water source has been compromised, and until they can afford to repair it, they are buying water from members of the community that have a water tank.


Kindle Africa

Kindle Africa is a nongovernment organization operated by local community members as part of the Kindle Africa Empowerment Initiative in Lagos, Nigeria. The staff provide educational assistance and support to children in the world’s largest floating slum, Makoko. In Makoko, there are an average of 7 occupants in single-room residences. This densely populated community is riddled with poverty and heavily polluted by refuse and untreated waste which breeds communicable diseases. These conditions limit health and employment opportunities, and many children are unable to attend school. While the children are not orphans, they sleep on the floor, are often sick from ingesting contaminated water, and do not have access to bathrooms. Kindle Africa is currently providing assistance for 100 children attending elementary school as they were able to negotiate a reduced price with local schools for out-of-school children to enroll. They have an active waiting list of over 30 children that are currently unable to attend school and are awaiting their assistance. The staff hope that once they are able to obtain computers they will be able to provide free education for more children.


St. Mary’s Home for Orphans

St. Mary’s Home for Orphans was founded in 1992 by the Holy Family Sisters of the Needy in Maryland, Nigeria. The sisters currently serve 72 youth, including 9 babies and 10 university students. The sisters’ major challenge is providing for the cost of schooling for their children. Their children attend several schools in the community, and transportation is an obstacle. They were recently able to renovate the girls hostel and have increased their capacity.