Gerizim Academy

Gerizim Academy runs an early education school compound, Gerizim Academy, providing schooling to orphans and vulnerable children, half of which are unable to pay school fees. It is located in Nyahururu, Kenya and currently serves 90 students as the Capital Campaign to finish to compound is ongoing. 81 of these students are served within Gerizim Academy while 9 attend high school in the community. There were four cases of typhoid and 2 cases of malaria in 2016.

Gerizim Academy


Kiambaa Grandmothers for Orphans

Kiambaa Grandmothers for Orphans is a home run by grandmothers that suffered the loss of their own children and are now faced with caring for their grandchildren. They have joined together to form a community and struggle each day make ends meet, including working hard labor jobs to provide for the children despite their advancing ages. They created their home in Kiambu, Kenya and currently serve 19 children. These children attend elementary and high school. Their greatest need is for school fees so that the youth are not turned away by the school administrators.

Kiambaa Gs for Orphans

Murang’a Children Rescue Center

Murang’a Children Rescue Center serves a total of 108 children in Murang’a County located one hour outside of Nairobi. This year they took in 5 new children – ranging from 2 weeks to 11 years – old who had been abandoned or abused. The kids they serve go to various schools from pre-primary through college. As they take in as many children as they can, there are not always enough beds and bedding so children must share. The Rescue Center also has an increased need for diapers since the number of infants they have taken in has grown.

Hopeful Grandmothers’ Home

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Hopeful Grandmothers Home - g & boy (2)

Cecilian Orphans’ Home

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Cecilian Orphans Home - boys with shoes (2)

Kiambaa Grandmothers’ Home

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Kiambaa Grandmothers - kids candid (2)

Lanet Brilliant Child Academy

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Brilliant Academy - 2 kids