This Is My Story: Benson

I am Benson. This is my story…

“My name is Benson Kimondo. I was born on 14th February 1988 in Nyeri County, Kenya. I come from the humble background of a single-parent family as my mother struggled to provide for me and my two brothers.

I have always been a good and serious student. But after I passed my primary exam in 2003, my mother could not afford to send me to secondary school. My primary school offered to donate 3000 KES to my secondary education, but the amount was not enough to cover a whole year. I was sent home after one term. I felt like a desperate and helpless village boy with no one to turn to.

In 2005 a lucky break came. Gerizim Academy would accept me as a student, and LittleDrops would provide my tuition. My mother and I couldn’t hold back our tears of joy. From that moment on I was determined to work hard to achieve my dreams.

Thanks to LittleDrops, I passed my secondary exam; secured a teaching job at Eagle Height Academy, where I am now the headteacher; and was accepted into Mt. Kenya University, where I am currently pursuing my B.A. in Education.

Coming from a very poor background, I now feel it is my responsibility to help my community. I organize food and clothing donations for the poor, and promote literacy through educational seminars and workshops. With my salary, I can now help support my mother, two brothers, and my niece, who is an orphan.”

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