Who We Are

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“We plant seeds that will one day grow. We water seeds already planted, knowing that they hold future promise” – Oscar Romero

Our Mission

To provide orphans and vulnerable children a complete and healthy wellness of being now, and a good chance at a successful future through financial, intellectual and other necessary contributions.

Our Approach

Comprehensive – While they are essential, it takes more than just a good meal and clean bed to ensure a healthy childhood. We don’t limit our focus to just a single cause, but try to provide the resources to provide for what’s missing. Whether it’s food, bed, education, clean water or healthcare, we work with each individual home to assess what their particular needs are. We also hope to begin to address intangibles like emotional needs, encouragement, etc.

Committed – Our goal is to invest in the homes and kids over the long term – until each child becomes an independent and contributing member of society. We don’t just provide aid and leave. We are committed to building a lasting partnership with each home and child.

Partnership – While we have our wonderful ideas about how to address the challenges faced by the homes and kids, we recognize the valuable experience and first-hand knowledge that resides within the homes. So we do not come with a know-it-all mentality but rather strive to build on the strengths of multiple perspectives to come up with an even better solution.

Remote – Where feasible, we target orphanages in remote villages rather than cities or capitals, because they are less likely to have access to external funds. In many ways, children in these remote locations need aid the most.

Efficient – We realize how difficult it is to come by a couple dollars. The good news is that a dollar goes a lot further in many developing countries. We consistently challenge ourselves to push the effect of every dollar as far as it can go. Thanks to our dedicated volunteers we keep our administration expenses as lean as possible – typically less than 10%. We take the trust and responsibility you expect from us in giving us your hard-earned funds very seriously and strive to meet and exceed your expectations.

Our Goal

Being an orphan is not a choice. In most cases, it’s an unlucky draw from the lottery of life. We believe that being dealt a random card should not be a permanent limitation to a child’s life and dreams. Our goal and role is to eliminate as many limiting factors as we can so each child can have a healthy childhood and fair chance at achieving their dreams.